Educational complex Douan

High-pressure lighting - Abyan

Private Projects

Fuel station - Shipam

Schools Projects

Hangars and workshops Projects

Supply and installation

(power generators)

Our company had conducted many projects in the field of construction in the sector of education:

22 additional classrooms with facilities to the Education Complex Directorate at Hajar District; Hadhramout Governorate.

22 additional classrooms with accessories to the Education Complex Directorate at Doan District, Hadhramout Governorate.

Construction of Buwesh secondary school consisting of 24 classrooms with facilities

Construction of Abi Dar Al-Qafari School consisting of 12 classrooms with accessories in Al-Mukalla.

Construction of Fatimah Al-Nakhibi School consisting    

of 12 classrooms with facilities.

Construction of 9 classrooms in Hadatahom area.

Provision (import) and installation of street lighting mainly Aden-Abyan Road and Electric projects of Gulf 20 Football Cup Tournament.

Provision (import) and installation of electric generating network stations for Al-Mahara Governorate.

Conducted the sustainable development projects for YLNG Company.

Conducted the survey work related to BLOCK 39 in Al-Mahara Governorate for JOECO Company.

We operates in the field of oil and gas services and is one of the important sectors of the company at this stage and future which undoubtedly will witness real and serious development in the coming period through several directions.

The company carried out various operations in this sector where we provided high quality services needed by the major oil companies operating in the country such as YLNG Company and Chinese JOECO to include: