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about ALIKHWAH for Engineering & Construction-Company


AL-IKHWAH for Engineering and Construction Co. is one of the leading companies in the field of oil and gas sector and building and construction, import and export of different type's materials and equipments, which according to our future plans will see better development.

 AL-IKHWAH Company was established in 1998 to keep pace with the development experienced by the Republic of Yemen in various fields. 

  To achieve the ambitious goals and plans, the company is run by a qualified staff, specializing in all areas of business and technical certificates with high and long experience in all fields. The company obtained credit ratings from official bodies, including: 

§  Designing, Planning and Construction Classification.

§  Oil Field Services Classification.

§  Electro-Mechanic classification.

  The company offers its services with precision and proficiency in several areas: oil and gas field services, construction and architectural contracting, designs, road constructions and earthworks and extensions, technical Services, oil companies' supply, and import and export.

  Since our establishment, we work to employ all factors and potential and save no effort for the performance and achievement development, and the provision of services in all sectors, guided by professional systems and service of development in our country. Our Company is proud of its quality services based on professional standards and regulations.  We are very keen on fully complying with all agreements and contracts signed with our clients.

  We work within the framework of development and renewal; as we are always precise in all fields, especially in oil and gas services. As a result we will develop, qualitatively and quantitatively our business to include other sectors. We have an obligation towards our clients to be one of the leading companies in our business fields.  For that purpose, we have developed plans for future expansion.

  Our company owns many branches and sections function using with help of our Safety and Security and the professional development staff and others and embraces a number of provincial branches of our company.