Educational complex Douan

High-pressure lighting - Abyan

Private Projects

Fuel station - Shipam

Schools Projects

Hangars and workshops Projects

Supply and installation

(power generators)

Activities and objectives :

The Company's Main Activities :

ü  Architecture, Engineering & Construction contracts.

ü  Oil Companies Services & Supply.

ü  Power Plants, Manufacturing Plants and Electrical Networks.

ü  Supply and Implementation of Electrical Work.

ü  Roads and Bridges Construction.

ü  Mechanical Services Works.

ü  Oil Companies Surveys Involved Activities.

ü  Extensions of Pipelines and Oil and Gas Pumping Stations.

ü  Maintenance and Operation.

ü  Maintenance of Oil and Gas Pipelines.

ü  Excavation and Piping Water and Sanitation.

ü  Import and Export.

Our Vision:

In all services we provide, we focus on our future vision and strive make "AL-IKHWAH Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd." the forefront of the leading companies in Yemen.

 Our mission:

Pioneer in providing the following services:

Ø  Constructional and Architectural Contracting.

Ø  Geometric Designs.

Ø  Roads and Bridges.

Ø  Extensions.

Ø  Services and Supply Oil Companies

Ø  Import & Export.

Ø  Commercial Agencies

Ø  Electromechanical Works

Our values:

We are committed to high professional values ​​in providing service to our customers:

Ø  We work as one Team. 

Ø  Paying Attention to the all our employees and clients.

Ø  We strive in Community development.

Ø  We apply modern technologies in our work.

Ø  Accuracy in work achievement.

Ø  Customer satisfaction.

Ø  Training our employees, 

Ø  We encourage creativity among our staff.


1) Total customer satisfaction and to the concerned authorities.

2) Quality of implementation and performance of the business in accordance to the required standards.

3) To maintain the safety and health of all employees and relevant personnel.

4) Preservation of the diverse elements of the work environment surrounding; pollution prevention and preservation of resources.

5) Application of standards criteria and specification in construction and building.

6) Responding to the changes and demands of the market.

7) Focus on the significance of common interest between the    
client and the company.

8) Consider the opinion of the client earnestly.