Educational complex Douan

High-pressure lighting - Abyan

Private Projects

Fuel station - Shipam

Schools Projects

Hangars and workshops Projects

Supply and installation

(power generators)

private and public Projects 

Human Resources

Our Vision

AL-IKHWAH for Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who come to AL-IKHWAH CO. want to work here because we have created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement. AL-IKHWAH CO. aims to become a leader in Oil Field Services.

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Our Human resources are the true strength of our company due to high ethical work conducts and their existence of common vision among themselves. Our  vision in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customer in their priorities, which honors our talented dedication to devote their efforts to achieve this vision.

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AL-IKHWAH for Engineering and Construction Co. is one of the leading companies in the field of oil and gas sector and building and construction, import and export of different type's materials and equipments, which according to our future plans will see better development...

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Oil and gas sector

We operates in the field of oil and gas services and is one of the important sectors of the company at this stage and future which undoubtedly will witness real and serious development in the coming period through several directions.

The company carried out various operations in this sector where we provided high quality services needed by the major oil companies operating in the country such as YLNG Company and Chinese JOECO ..

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Occupational Safety System Management:

The safety of all employees is the first and foremost objective of AL-IKHWAH CO. Prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses must be given precedence over any other objective.  AL-IKHWAH CO.’s management will provide all items and support all activities required to ensure the health and safety of all persons working or visiting AL-IKHWAH CO.’s facilities or any other site being managed by AL-IKHWAH CO. All employees have the primary responsibility for working safely which be reference herein is a condition of continued employment with AL-IKHWAH CO.

Our company aims to achieve security and safety in the finest images through the following:

Ø Achieving a safe and risk-free work environment, secured against risk sources

Ø Maintaining the health and lives of employees.

Ø Preserve the environment and the applying quality management system.

Ø Adoption of international standards in occupational safety.

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